Safety for our diners and staff is our number one concern so there will be some changes in place when you visit us.

Please help us keep to the regulations for the sake of all diners and staff within the premises.

  •  Tables cannot be joined together and please do not move around or mingle.
  • Masks must be worn at all times when entering or moving around the premises.
  • We will be collecting customer details in line with Track and Trace.  All customers over the age of 16 must provide contact details either through the NHS App or manually. 
  • Please respect social distancing and hand hygiene at all times.
  • Please do not visit if you are ill, have had Covid in the last 2 weeks or knowingly been around a person with Covid.

·         We have developed a brand new Covid - Safe Risk Assessment and all staff have been trained on this in order to minimise the risk of cross contamination with the restaurant including food and drink preparation and handling.


·         All staff will be working on an increased and intensified hygiene and sanitising schedule in all areas. This included extended sanitising of all touch points throughout and increased deep cleans during our closed times.


·         Staff will also be following an increased hand washing schedule to ensure their hands are clean at all times.  Hand sanitiser will be positioned throughout the premises for regular staff use on top of hand washing.


·        Front of House staff wear face masks as per regulations.


·         Customers must wait to be greeted and seated by staff at the door to ensure we do not over fill the restaurant.


·         We kindly request all customers to sanitise their hands entering and be responsible for washing their hands regularly whilst inside.

  • As per new Government requirements, we will be asking for all customers to leave contact details either on a register when entering.


·         Staff will assist with social distancing within the restaurant and there will be full table service at all times. Please note all customers will be given a table and there will be no standing in the garden to keep to social distancing rules.


·         Menus are now be printed on a washable plastic material and are sanitised by staff after every use.


·         Tables and seating areas will be sanitised prior to being used – there may be a wait as we change tables over to ensure thorough sanitation.


·         We will still be taking orders in person, but at a social distance. However, if you wish to pre-order your meals, please just ring ahead of time.


·         Sugar, salt, pepper, sauces etc will be served in single use sachets / pots upon request.


·         Pickles will now be sold in individual jars, meaning you can take the rest home to enjoy later!


·          All glass and table wear such as plates and cutlery will remain the same as these are all washed at a high temperature with detergent.


·         We kindly ask that only one customer at a time waits to use the toilets.


·         We kindly ask for contactless / card payments to minimise cash handling.


·         Take away items can be paid in advance with contactless handover.



·         Please respect that once seated, you may not have the option to move later onto another table or move the position of your table.


·         Dogs allowed in the garden only.


·         If wheel chair users or those with disabilities should need a certain table for accessibility  during your visit, please just let us know when booking.  As always, we are fully accessible throughout.


·         Children must stay at the table or be accompanied by adults at all time please.

Please note that these points may change over the coming weeks in line with guidelines and regulations. We will always try our very best to ensure we work as safely as possible so service may take a little longer than before. We hope all our customers will appreciate this is new to everyone and understand if things may feel different at times.